Pho DK’s roots lie deep in Vietnam. The name comes from a family owned group Vietnamese cuisine bistros in Saigon, Vietnam called “Din Ky”. With several restaurants running successfully in the heart of Vietnam, owner Frank Mai decided it was time to share the decades long legacy of family recipes with Addison and North Texas residents.



For owner Frank Mai, food means family and friends. As a co-owner of several restaurants in Vietnam, Frank always saw his family restaurants as a place of refuge for loved ones and hungry customers – that hospitality continues with Pho DK. The connection is intimate for Frank, and he’s been passionate about food since he was helping out in the family kitchens as a teenager.



The premium ingredients and true to the roots process our chefs follow ensure that our Vietnamese cuisine is as close to what you would find in Saigon.

The broth of our pho is cooked for hours to make sure that the full flavor from both the meat and herbs are extracted. We pride ourselves on always having fresh produce for our dishes and guarantee an authentic Vietnamese cuisine experience,