30 Years of Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine Arrives in Addison

For Frank Mai, the restaurant experience has always been about connecting good food with family and friends. His family has  operated 4 renowned Vietnamese cuisine bistros in Saigon, Vietnam for over 30 years. When the opportunity came to expand their legacy into North Texas, Frank knew it was time.

“I see lots of Vietnamese bistros here in Dallas, but I don’t see a lot of real Vietnamese cuisine. I thought it was a great idea to take my family’s style and share it with everyone here.”

Frank emphasizes that customers come first and that the Pho DK team will always try to do their best to serve customers well.

Ingredients are always sourced from Vietnamese markets and inspected for freshness and quality. Noodle broth is extensively prepared just like on the streets of Vietnam, so that the flavors are brought out. Vegetables are always fresh and sourced locally. The style is extremely similar to what is sold in Saigon, and that’s why Frank thinks that people will appreciate the cuisine prepared at Pho DK.